On Snowdon 2012

I’ve been interested in the art and craft of photography since I pestered my parents to buy me a ‘proper’ camera aged about 10. Armed with my new Zorki 4k camera (a manual only Russian Leica-style 35mm rangefinder), I set out on a photographic journey that continues to this day.
I learned the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the craft by doing a photographic degree at the University of Westminster in the late 1980s, and have been involved in the photographic industry since then. For the last 12 years I have combined taking photos with writing articles and features for some of the UKs best-selling photographic magazines, including Practical Photography, Digital Camera and NPhoto. During this time I have also had two photography books published by Rotovision, on colour and composition, and spent three years as a professional car photographer, working for evo magazine. Which was a heady mix of loads of travel, amazing cars and tight deadlines.
All of this means that I have experience of shooting almost every type of subject, in locations across the world, but I always come back to my first love – landscapes (and particularly the British landscape). This really comes down to the fact that I'm never happier than waiting for sunrise on a windswept beach or mountain, trying to second-guess the light and weather conditions. Capturing the beauty of the natural world is a challenge that I find fascinating and rewarding, and the elation of capturing a stunning sunrise or sunset is hard to beat. It's a short-lived feeling, though, as there's always that nagging feeling that the the lighting or cloud could be just that bit better next time!


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Photo holidays and tuition
I’m now living on the Isle of Skye, and can provide you with holiday accommodation along with photographic, time-lapse and video tuition. For more information about what I can offer, take a look at the Photo Holiday section here...
If you’ve visited the site before you’ll notice that it’s had a bit of a redesign. All of the content is still here, but I’ve updated the galleries, and also increased the image size of the galleries to make the most of the images. Take a look at the new galleries here...